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At TyKo™, our job is to help brands express themselves. We make CREATIVE WORK, LINKING TOGETHER IDEAS & PRODUCTS with strategies, systems and design, allowing companies to connect to billions of people around the globe. We have worked with a huge variety of businesses; reinvigorating organisations, inspiring innovation and fostering team culture to bring brands to life across all platforms. We pride ourselves as much on our organisational strategies as on our ability to deliver striking, unpredictable work. In our eyes, one cannot succeed without the other.

Connection With Real People | Immersive Strategic & Creative Session

E X P E R T i S E

"We Are All Experts In Our Own Little Niches" - Alex Trebek

Digital Learning

We Design and Creating Blended, Virtual and Immersive Learning Environment and Application.

Digital Media

We Blend The Technology and Content, and Develop Digital Products via Our Professional Team with Diverse Skills.

Digital Marketing

We Channel the Products or Services using Digital Technology to Reach Target Audiences.


- A CREATIVE TEAM is Motivated by The Desire To Achieve, Not by Desire To Beat Others -

AR VR Dev Workshop

Politeknik Tunku Syed Sirajuddin, Perlis.

Digital Entrepreneur Talk

University Of Selangor, Selangor.

Corporate Identity

Malaysia and Brunei

Publication Design

Department Of Works, Kuala Lumpur.

Smart Kiosk System

National Institute Of Land & Survey.

RizQ Virtual School

Rizq Islamic School, Kajang.


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