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Step into the vibrant world of our creative agency, where ideas mingle, products dance, and connections groove. We are masters of crafting mind-bending work that merges the realms of imagination and reality, propelling companies to captivate billions across the globe. From reenergizing organizations to sparking innovation and fostering an infectious team spirit, we are the architects of brand transformation across every platform. With an unyielding passion for bold strategies and jaw-dropping creations, we're here to show you that success and unpredictability are the ultimate power couple. Get in touch to embrace the funky beat of our unrivaled creativity!


Analysing potential market & intorduce better solution to YOUR Organisation

A focused team with a specialized skill for Excellent Output

Implementing Your Feedback & Enhance via Latest Technology

Experience Delevering Well-Time Project together with Documentation

In the initial stage of operations, WE targeted B2B Business and SMEs, with our primary role being a Service Provider. Along the way, WE increasingly moving on from Service Provider to Solution Provider, targeting THREE (03) different digital areas, namely, [ Media, Marketing and Learning ].

"Do Not Focus On The Problem, Focus On The Solution"

We have done some great stuff, idea, design, development.

We BLEND technology and content to create digital products. Our professional team with diverse skills focuses on time management and prioritizes our clients' needs and satisfaction. We consistently offer creative solutions and ideas for our clients' projects.

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At TyKo™, Our Solution Focus On

Digital Media, Marketing, Learning and Assist Our Clients via Latest Technology, Trends


Digital  Media 

We blend technology and content, and develop digital products via our professional team with their wide-ranging skills. We focus on time management and give preference to our clients’ needs and satisfaction. We always contribute creative solutions and ideas to our customers’ projects.


Digital  Marketing 

We channel brands via digital technology to reach maximum target audiences. Planning digital strategies and audience acceptance via digital technology platforms is nowadays a must. Along the way, We can still implement conventional marketing into digital marketing and knowing both allows us to bring extra value to your company.


Digital  Learning 

Up-to-date trends in learning systems and methods. We create and blend virtual and immersive learning environments and applications. Planning and simulating the best solutions for your learning environment is our top priority. Our aim is educating people without boundaries using the latest technologies and making them accessible.

"A Team That Sweats Together, Sticks Together"

Team Work Make The Dream, Ideas Work

There is neither beginning nor end, nor past nor future; there is only PRESENT, at the same time static and ephemeral, multiple & absolute. It is the vital ocean in which we all share, according to OUR STRENGTH, NEED or DESIRES.


Tech Creative

Design | UXUI | Research



SocMed | Event | SEO



PHP | Node | .NET



Motion | Video | Photo

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Our well-crafted portfolio is a magical treasure trove that unveils the secret sauce of our unique value and creative prowess, propelling us to conquer new frontiers and unleash infinite possibilities!

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